Precarpathian University is one of the 20 most influential universities in the world

Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University improves its own positions in influential domestic and international rankings of higher education institutions every year. This positive trend was noted by the Vice-Rector Of Science, Professor Valentyna Yakubiv during an online meeting of the Academic Council with the participation of faculty.Vice-Rector Valentyna Yakubiv, who presented a report with an in-depth analysis of the processes taking place at the university, diagrams and graphs, said: “Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University ranks first among educational institutions in Ivano-Frankivsk region, 2nd in the ranking of higher education institutions by Scimago Institutions Rankings, is among the eight best universities in the western region of Ukraine, as well as in the 20 most influential universities in the world in 2020″.

This became possible due to the publication of scientific articles of scientists and students of the university in prestigious scientific journals, participation of scientists in international projects and programmes, which also allowed to attract grants for science development in PNU.”In 2020 the activity of faculty, doctoral students, graduate students and students in performing departmental, state budget, grant research work increased. Revenues for research projects within the general and special funds have increased. The number of research papers funded by extrabudgetary funds, including international funds, has increased. In the reporting year, 17 doctoral dissertations and 25 candidate dissertations were defended by university teachers. There were 10 specialized scientific councils in 17 specialties. The scientific infrastructure of the university is represented by 19 scientific subdivisions and 23 educational and scientific subdivisions. The university has an electronic document management system “Science”.

The science park continued to work on creating an innovative environment on the basis of the university for the implementation of ideas by creative youth and the implementation of business developments created at the university in the implementation of research.
According to the speaker, the university has access to scientometric databases Scopus and Web of Science, as well as Springer Nature publications. The activity of the university scientists in reviewing publications in foreign journals included in the international scientometric databases SCOPUS and Web of Science has increased.
“In 2020, the number of publications of articles by university scientists in publications included in the SCOPUS and Web of Science scientometric databases increased. Monographs and textbooks have been published. International, all-Ukrainian and regional scientific conferences were held at the university. The quality of students’ preparation for participation in international and national competitions of scientific and creative works has increased. “At the same time, the Vice-Rector noted, there are a number of other problems in the organization and implementation of scientific research that require urgent solution. The work on conducting scientific research, creating innovations for the purpose of their real implementation in practice and commercialization needs to be improved, the work on intensifying publishing activity by scientific and pedagogical workers, including in publications indexed in Scopus and Web of Science databases. It is also necessary to improve the work on intensification of student research activities and preparation of students for participation in scientific competitions, in particular, to work with students within all educational programs.

Rector of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University Igor Tsependa stressed that it is necessary to make more active use of material and intellectual resources of the university. In particular, existing research centers, as well as preparations for the use of the International Center for Meetings of Student Youth of Ukraine and Poland, the International Research Center “Observatory” and the Center for Innovative Educational Technologies “PNU-EcoSystem”.

In addition, to intensify scientific activity and write rating scientific articles for international scientific journals.”Now we have very big challenges that we need to implement as soon as possible. This is a challenge for leading scientists. Those who are looking for ideas to realize themselves. On the example of associate professor Tetyana Tatarchuk, you see: the idea of creating an Educational Research Center for Chemical Materials Science and Nanotechnology arose in 2017. In 2019, it has already been implemented financially. As for 2021, the rate of publications in SCOPUS is №1. This is the Carpathian scientific dream. And everyone can fulfill their dream. We are ready to provide impetus and support for implementation, “said Igor Tsependa.The report on the results of research activities of the university in 2020 was approved.The Academic Council also considered and approved a number of other important internal issues, such as amendments to the Statute of the Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, as well as the awarding of academic titles.